Thanks for your interest! We have several contact methods: via text or email.

We operate:

Monday through Thursday from 10AM until 6PM CST

Friday from 10AM CST until 4PM CST

We DO NOT operate during weekends nor holidays. During our business hours, you can text or email us. You can also book a time to speak with a representative by emailing us to schedule a phone meeting.

We accept CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay, PayPal, debit and credit cards. Please note that when paying via debit/credit or PayPal, a processing fee is added. We REQUIRE any projects under $500 to be paid upfront. Anything over that amount will require the signing of a legally binding contract that MUST be signed by all parties involved. Please note that ALL deposits are NONREFUNDABLE.

Our turnaround time on any and all graphics (Instagram flyers, logos, business cards, etc) is 5 business days. We ARE NOT & CANNOT rush anything before this time period. We ARE NOT accepting any rush projects.

Our turnaround time on our Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 website packages and WordPress packages is 5 weeks. We ARE NOT & CANNOT rush any website design or website developments before this time period.

As stated above, all deposits are NONREFUNDABLE. Once you’ve paid for your service, it CANNOT be canceled.

As stated in our LOGO QUESTIONNAIRE, once you confirm & finalize your logo, NO further edits can be done. Once we render you the final files, the logo is yours and CANNOT be changed. If you decide at a later time that you want more edits done to the finalized logo or that you want an alternate logo, you WILL be charged based on the additional concept that you want and the edits that you want done.


For image based logos, you are given 3 concepts to choose from. Once you choose a concept that you LOVE, we then allow you to receive 3 revisions in order to perfect it. If you go over the revision limit, you’ll be charged an additional $10/per revision.

For text based logos, you are given 4 concepts to choose from. Once you choose a concept that you LOVE, we then allow you to receive 3 revisions in order to perfect it. If you go over the revision limit, you’ll be charged an additional $10/per revision.

For any graphic design work, you’re allowed 3 revisions once you choose from the concepts that are provided to you.

For websites, we do not limit you to revisions as we build your site step by step with your input and feedback throughout the entire process.

At this time, we DO NOT go over any design or development work that wasn’t done by us. If you have a current website, you will need to have it redone completely by a member of our team.

At this time, we ONLY offer package deals for all of our website design & development services. We DO NOT offer a la carte websites. If you are interested in a custom built website from scratch, please email us for a custom quote. Our custom built websites begin at $2,500.

When securing us to build your website, you agree to the terms in the contract that is provided to you. Since you abandoned your project and breached the terms of the agreement, you will have to pay our $150 reinstatement fee for us to resume your project and add it back into our schedule. This is ALSO listed in the contract that you signed when you hired us for your website project.

This fee DOES NOT apply to clients who have spoken with us and made other arrangements.

All final files are sent via WeTransfer for you to download and store. You’re given 7 days to utilize this link and download the necessary files. If you allow the link to expire, due to negligence on your part, you will be charged a $10 fee for us to refinalize and resend all files.


Yes! Regardless of if you have all website content ready or not, your remaining balance that is due MUST still be paid on the agreed upon date that is listed in the legally binding contract that you’ve signed before we began the process. If you default on paying your balance on the due date or become unreachable after the due date, your project will be placed on hold and you will be charged an additional $150 abandoment fee.

You will NOT be charged if you have made other arrangements prior to the agreed upon due date.